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Monday, December 13, 2010


Hannah had to have another blood transfusion today, they gave it to her during dialysis.  3 different dialysis machines broke today so they didn't get to finish.   They are checking her levels and if they are still high they will come back tomorrow to finish it but if they are ok, they will just wait til wed.  She gets dialysis Mon, Wed, & Fri. for 3 hours.  Her BUN and creatinine levels are still very high.
  She is still running a fever so they have cultured all her lines, her central line has 2 catheters and her dialysis line has 2 catheters too.  Not sure I am saying that just right.
I talked to her again today and told her she needs to stop throwing different things at us so we can go home.  It's been 2 weeks today and we have no idea how much longer
 This pic was enhanced by a friend of mine, I love it, you don't even see the blue spaceship gown :)  someone needs to design better looking gowns for kids.  the littler kids even boys wear purple ones.

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