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Sunday, October 26, 2008

taylor pics

we took taylor and hannah and got their pics taken friday. As usual, Hannah slept through it and had the same pics :) but taylor was so cute and the choices were too many. here are some of my favs
and of course here is one of aunt hannah

Monday, October 20, 2008

Hannah Grace our youngest daughter

Hannah is our youngest daughter, she turned 13yo in July 08.

She has a very rare chromosome deletion. She is missing 4 bands on her chromosome #1 q 21-25. Kids with downs syndrome have an extra chromosome and Hannah is missing some...our chromosomes control a lot, hair and eye color, height...etc. Chuck and I have "normal" chromosomes so Hannah's deletion is what they call sporadic, it's not genetic from us even though it's genetic :)
Hannah is a sweetheart and a blessing to everyone who knows her. She is deaf/blind but we still don't know what she sees or hears...she does get mad when we go to suction her LOL This is one of my favorite pics of her...she takes better pics asleep, she wiggles so much and always keeps her hands in her mouth.
She is developmentally like a 3 or 4 month old baby. A lot of that is due to her deaf/blindness and her seizures and seizure meds. I like to think she doesn't know she is different :)
She has her own webpage that I keep updated but I may just start using this for most of her updates.

Taylor today

ok, so I somehow messed up and started two different accts for my blogs. Now, they are all together....sorry it has been so long, I couldn't get the other acct to work for some reason, it wouldn't take the password.
Hopefully now I have it ok :)

Taylor is 7weeks old today! It's amazing how big she is getting. At birth she was 6lb 7oz and on her 6week appt she weighed 9lb 10oz and was 21 1/2" long. She is smiling a lot now and cooing and talking too. Of course as soon as the camera comes out, she stops :)
Becky has to go back to work 2 weeks from today and that's going to be very hard for her. She is dreading it already. We are praying for a different job for her that she might be able to do at home. Taylor is going to stay with Hannah and I during the day so life around here is going to be busy and interesting.
I think Taylor has colic, she is very gassy at times and screams. Becky had colic as a baby and was miserable most of the time. But once she got over that she was a very good baby. Other than that Taylor is a very good baby...she sleeps good at night most of the time.
Becky and Taylor have been coming over a lot so she can get used to being here. We got a "wii" and the wii fit. Becky does it when she is here and I have been able to do it every day. Chuck even likes it when he gets a chance :) It's so much fun, most of the time you don't realize it's exercise! It's even fun to watch everbody else do it. It's helping us stay fit and since it weighs you everyday, it makes you more aware of how you are eating. The funny part is you make a mii that looks like yourself. But when you do the wii fit, it measures you and makes you look like you really do, size wize! so, if you are overweight, it lets you know that and you have to look at yourself like that, even doing the sports! It is worth the investment!

guess I will go for now, but will be back later...

Our First Grandchild

I posted this on Sept 11, but somehow messed up the blog info so I started all over again :)
Our first grandchild was born on Labor Day Sept 1,08. Taylor Jean is the daughter of our oldest daughter Becky and her husband Todd. Her middle name is Jean for my mom, her great grandaughter! Taylor is a family name grandmother's maiden name was taylor and Zachary Taylor (a president) was my 4th great grandfather according to family members.
She is beautiful, of course, and we already love being much more fun than parenting :)
It's really neat to see how everyone has a new name or title since she was born. She is the first grandchild for both my family & Chuck's. So with a new generation everyone is new, our parents are now great grandparents (although we already knew they were ) we are grandparents, our siblings are great aunts and great uncles and the cousins are 2nd cousins...although I think my nephew Ben wanted to know why they weren't great cousins instead of 2nd cousins LOL And of course I have to say that Jenn & Hannah are aunts and Bob (jenn's husband)is an uncle!
At the last minute they had to do a CSection on Becky, Taylor seemed to be stuck and starting to get in a little distress. They were doing well...but now becky's incision is infected inside. I have to take her to the dr every day right now for him to pack it to get rid of the incision. Pray for her, this is very painful. Taylor is a very good baby and is adjusting well to nursing. They have been staying with my during the day so I can take her to the dr. Todd has to bring them before work so having to get ready so early in the morning with a newborn is very hard.