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Monday, October 20, 2008

Our First Grandchild

I posted this on Sept 11, but somehow messed up the blog info so I started all over again :)
Our first grandchild was born on Labor Day Sept 1,08. Taylor Jean is the daughter of our oldest daughter Becky and her husband Todd. Her middle name is Jean for my mom, her great grandaughter! Taylor is a family name grandmother's maiden name was taylor and Zachary Taylor (a president) was my 4th great grandfather according to family members.
She is beautiful, of course, and we already love being much more fun than parenting :)
It's really neat to see how everyone has a new name or title since she was born. She is the first grandchild for both my family & Chuck's. So with a new generation everyone is new, our parents are now great grandparents (although we already knew they were ) we are grandparents, our siblings are great aunts and great uncles and the cousins are 2nd cousins...although I think my nephew Ben wanted to know why they weren't great cousins instead of 2nd cousins LOL And of course I have to say that Jenn & Hannah are aunts and Bob (jenn's husband)is an uncle!
At the last minute they had to do a CSection on Becky, Taylor seemed to be stuck and starting to get in a little distress. They were doing well...but now becky's incision is infected inside. I have to take her to the dr every day right now for him to pack it to get rid of the incision. Pray for her, this is very painful. Taylor is a very good baby and is adjusting well to nursing. They have been staying with my during the day so I can take her to the dr. Todd has to bring them before work so having to get ready so early in the morning with a newborn is very hard.

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