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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Vote 4 Hope

Global Genes Project with Vote 4 Hope
is gearing up for a tough month of voting during September with a great
Pepsi Refresh idea, we could use a little help, please stop by the
page. You can subscribe to reminder emails at Thanks! Vote4Hope |

This is a project Hannah is a part of, she will be a featured child one day in Sept!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I took Hannah to an orthopedics appt today, hadn't been in two years...her spinal curve went from 41 degrees (moveable) to 75 degrees (not moveable) today! I guess I wasn't surprised when we had to talk about spinal fusion surgery! was just hoping that day wouldn't come :( We have decided it needs to be done so please pray for the timing to be right. Jenn 's baby is due the end of Oct and Becky's baby is due the end of Jan. He said they are scheduling into Oct and Nov now. this will mean 2 weeks in the hospital, 1 week in intensive care and 1 week in rehab.