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Friday, April 20, 2012

Hannah update, long overdue, sorry

Hannah on Easter Sunday

Hannah 4/12

Hannah came home from the hospital on April 2 (monday)  when we were leaving the NP Susan noticed that the catheter was kinked...I should have known that would cause a problem :(  She came home on blood pressure medicine (enalapril) 2X/day and a prn BP med.  We also were supposed to continue her new seizure med (vimpat) and Vit K (aquadeks)  but they both had to be pre authorized, we finally got the vimpat but over 2 weeks later, still waiting on the Vit K...that affects her blood coagulating.
  She has healed well, just like her spinal fusion, but it's all the extra things you don't see that are here problems, like bp, low sodium levels, clotting issues etc...On  Easter Sunday morning, the catheter tip broke off, we super glued it back together and it held for over a week.  Urology said it wasn't a problem as long as it was draining and the catheter didn't come out.  this week on Monday, it broke again and I reglued it..but I got tired of fooling with it and it looked really fragile.  So instead of waiting for our followup appt on thurs, they fit us in on tues...Instead of replacing the catheter he took it out..they said it had healed really good.  She showed me how to cath her but suggested as few people as possible should cath her right now so the nurses and I decided it would  just be me so I do it during the day and at night attach the catheter to a bag and let it drain overnight, we just tape it to her leg.  That is working good.
 We left the appt and had some bloodwork done but it was a very ling wait so Mom and I got some lunch.  We were just finishing and Susan saw us again.  She suggested we come back and cath her again before we left. I am so thankful I did, as I finished, she had a large liquid bm all over the table..thankful that if we hadn't cathed her that would have happened in the car :)   We got home without incident after that.
  since then she has been doing ok, but still has bp issues.  we need to pray for the vit K to be approved.
 We had a new nurse start this week and she seems like she is going to work out really well. 
  Thanks again for the continued prayers for Hannah.
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Monday, April 16, 2012

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