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Friday, May 4, 2012

Hannah in the hosptial...ER visit

tues afternoon  I had to run to dover because my cell phone screwed up...Hannah kept looking like she had a seizure but it was quick.  the nurse said she was fine for her but when she  got up wed morning she started having seizures again,  a lot, every 5 minutes.  I called neuro and they said to give her diastat (rectal valium) to stop them but they just kept on.  When the nurse came in she slept all night and seemed to be doing better so when she woke up, she started again.  So I packed up stuff for a couple days and took her to the ER at Dupont, wednesday morning.  At first they weren't  bad and then she went into status.  At that point they admitted matter what they did they wouldn't stop.  Finally last night they just seemed to stop like when   a fever breaks.  There was no apparant cause, no fever or signs of infection.  She did this twice before 2 years ago and they lasted for 3 days and stopped.  The drs think it's just part of her syndrome and can't find a cause.  We had started a new seizure med while she was in the hospital and her seizures had actually gotten better...til now!  They are going to make some changes to her neds and try to get her off of two of them, but not today :)   She is sleeping a lot today.
  So once again, life with Hannah is very interesting and unpredictable :)  We were supposed to pick our new van up today with the new lift in it below Salisbury and my cell phone is in the store in Dover but I can't get it now .