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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hannah update

just realized I didn't get a chance to update here last night, facebook is so much easier to post quick updates, sorry.  so I am going to try to put the all here.
last night
so far Hannah's lungs are still clear, it's just the outside of her body that is puffy..the dr explained they don't do dialysis for cosmetics :) we need to continue to pray for her kidneys to start working again. This was a good article about kidney function hey are going to start the dialysis tonight before she gets into crisis mode...her BUN and creatinine levels are higher now. they were starting dialysis when I left. Hannah is ok and so am I. this is from this morning
just got here, no big changes today :) she is on dialysis for now. I feel like I have to say Hannah is not dying her kidneys just decided to stop working for now. thanks so much for the continued prayers! I am really at peace with everything and know that she is getting the best care she can right now.

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Anonymous said...

She's in my prayers. I do hope she will be okay.

CJ xx