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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Yesterday the  pediatrician said we are here for the holidays...I didn't like the "S" he put on the end.  I hope he just meant Christmas eve and day :)  Her kidneys are slowly getting better. Looks like a long slow process.  She hasn't needed dialysis since friday but they are still monitoring all of her levels.  Her BUN is still around the 60s and 70's (normal is 7-20)  Her creatinine is around 2.4 (normal is 0.6-1.2)  Her sodium is still low.  Her hemoglobin is low but not low enough for a transfusion.  Still on one IV antibiotic and Infectious disease are checking her cultures again.   Her lungs are staying clear and her O2 is good! Her heartrate is still high.  Pancreatitis levels are getting better.  Because of the kidney function they are constantly changing her feedings,  She is still on lasix and fluid restriction.  She has never been on diuretics before and we have never had to restrict her fluids, she normally gets tons of water.  They are hoping to take out the dialysis catheter later this week.  I am not sure what her levels should be to be safe enough to go home. 
Santa visits the kids here but Hannah didn't know what to tell them she wanted :)  Child life came around today and gave each of the kids a Christmas build a bear, she held on to it.  If I give her a stuffed animal she will hold on to it. 
  Just a quick note that we are on floor 2A  room 9.  Not in the PICU!  I am going home for the day tomorrow, getting a haircut, and need to wrap the few gifts I have bought.  Chuck is going to be here with Ms H to talk to the drs.


Life as a Convert (Khourt) said...

What a cute bear! And a nice pillow pet too!!!

Im sorry you guys are going to be there for longer. Im sure you wanted to be home for the holidays (all of them) *hugs*

David said...

As she will be right soon. And hence believe in god and there is no need of worry and we need to do the proper things in the proper manner.