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Thursday, December 23, 2010

goal for going h**e is tuedsay!

I am afraid to say it too loud or let Hannah hear but if all goes well, Hannah may go h**e on tuesday. Praying that her nursing will be able to start back then.
  They are going to see if we can start her back on her regular gtube feedings.  Her pancreatitis is better.  She is a little anemic so she is starting taking some iron.  Her creatinine level is 1.9  (high normal is 1.2)  As long as things keep going down, that's good.  Still working on getting her sodium levels to stay up.  Phenobarb needs to be back at her home dose schedule and her antibiotic ends on Sunday. 
  Her spinal fusion incision still looks really good, only a bandage at the bottom where her diaper is.  He said we don't need to do anything special with moving her like we thought we would.
  Today we thought would be a good day to start wearing her regular gowns.  The antibiotic diarhea is better :)  so today she looks pretty in pink

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