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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hannah Thurs update

Hannah sedated and swollen from surgery

                                               peaceful but swollen

where the dialysis catheter goes into he groin

some of the lines going in her body

her dialysis circuit close up

with her Christmas snuggie mom mom made her

another view

the bags at the bottom

I waited for them to do rounds today before updating. Hannah is in acute renal failure, the renal dr thinks that something happened to her blood flow to stop her kidneys and she thinks they will eventually start working again, she has to stay on dialysis(and in the PICU) til she starts making her own urine, they are cathing her every 12 hours but still no urine.

Other than that she is doing like she should be 3 days post op from her spinal fusion. Most of her swelling is from that.


Deb said...

Joan we are thinking of you and of Hannah during this very difficult time. The PICU is such a VERY hard place to be. Much love and prayer. Deb

Colleen said...

Praying for you!!

Khourt said...

I always hate seeing our little ones swollen. Praying hard for you guys.