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Monday, December 27, 2010

Going home on 'Wed!!!

The goal was to go home tomorrow but I wasn't comfortable taking Hannah home yet.  She started having a lot of seizures on Christmas day...I don't know if it is because we stopped one of her seizure meds over a week ago or not getting enough phenobarb.  I finally saw a neurologist late this afternoon and he is increasing her phenobarb dose.  There is a fine line with phenobarb and kidney function. So we will see how that goes, these aren't like her typical seizures, they are quick and its things like her eyelids fluttering fast.  She is going home on valium, just a small dose.
  Her kidney levels are going down, BUN is 53 (normal 7-20)  creatinine is 1.5 (normal 0.6-1.2)  that is the most important and they would like to see that down to 1.0.  So I suggested that we keep her central line in as long as we have to do extra bloodwork since she is a very hard stick.  We will have to change the dressing on it once a week and flush it daily.  Shouldn't be a big deal.   They did another renal ultrasound on her today and said it looked much better.  She is going home on lasix too.
  Her pancreatitis is much better, she has been tolerating her normal rate and amount of formula through her gtube since friday.  Hopefully tomorrow they will take out the G-J tube and measure her for a new "mini" button.
  She also had a spinal xray today for her appt in two weeks with ortho.  They have been pleased with her progress.
  They also put in a request for dental while we are here, pray they can do it tomorrow.  They dont accept hannah's dental plan here anymore but they think since she is inpatient it might be covered.  Pray that it is covered and they can do it tomorrow, otherwise I have to find another dentist to do her cleanings etc and that is going to be hard.  It  has been over a year since she has seen dental and for a child with cleft lip/palate that is important.
  It was my idea to wait til wed, we would have to be out of here by noon to get home for the nursing agency to be able to visit and admit her back into the agency without problems...nursing is such a pain but I am thankful I have it.  This way hopefully everything will be done tomorrow and we can leave early wed morning.
 It will be so nice to get home in my own bed and shower!  but I will miss having someone fix my dinner everynight and clean it up.
   We had a nice quiet Christmas here at the hospital.  Becky, Todd and Taylor were able to come for a few hours.  Taylor didn't even notice we were at the hospital instead of at home.  Santa came to see Hannah Christmas eve and brought her lots of presents.  I got a new small video camera for Christmas and was so busy with that didn't get any pics of taylor so I will have to get some from becky.

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Life as a Convert (Khourt) said...

Im so happy for to hear that 4 letter word. Prayers that everything goes ok and it happens for real!

P.S. I love her shirt. Its so cute and festive!