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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hannah tuesday

Hannah is doing better.  When I got back from dinner last night they said she had 3.5cc of urine..yay!  during the night they got 6cc and today they got 11cc!!!  such a tiny amount but it's a good start.  She is off the continous dialysis and is on it for 3 hours a day right now.  She was only going to be get it Mon, Wed & Fri  but she was puffy this morning and her BUN and creatinine levels were still a little high, dialysis today was only 2 hours but they took off 700cc of fluid and her face isn't puffy anymore.
  She does have pancreatitis which is a common side effect of spinal fusion.  She is on TPN (total parental nutrition) right now, that gives her all of her nutrition through an IV to give her stomach and pancreas a break.  Hopefully tomorrow she is going to get a J tube instead of her usual G tube.  the J tube goes into her jejunum and bypasses her stomach.  This will make it easier to feed her and give her meds while she has the pancreatitis.
  She has been running a temp for a couple days, not good when you have so many lines going into your body.  They think it may be a UTI, she had a positive culture when she still had urine last week.  They cultured the tiny it they got this morning and it was still positive.  She is on an antibiotic for that.
  She is still on the vent, with a little oxygen, not sure why they haven't taken her off, I think that is the goal.  She has a vent at home but uses it mostly at night and sometimes during the day.
  She has started having seizures again, I think she was just having different seizures before, but a side affect of  dialysis is seizures, so you have to balance that out :)  today I haven't seen as any as I did yesterday.
  Aside from the kidneys she is actually doing well for spinal fusion.  We may be moving to the rehab floor in a couple days.  I just wish she could get out of bed, but with the dialysis catheter in,she can't.
  I have met so many nice people in the last week and it;s been nice to be able to talk to some of them for a while and share experiences.  I am thankful that hannah doesn't know what is going on and is comfortable where she is at the time.
 Tomorrow, wed, I have to go home and go to the dentist, I have a crown on y tooth that is slipping and has to be fixed.  It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't already have a temporary crown on the other side :)  so Hannah's home care nurse Mary is going to come and spend the day with her so she isn't alone, especially if she gets the J tube tomorrow.
 thanks so much for the continued prayers for us, we can feel the and I am at peace that we are where the Lord wants us to be right now.  Needless to say we are going to be here longer than the two weeks we had originally planned.
  If you would like send Hannah a card, the hospital has a free card service, they print them and bring them to her room.   ecards   She is in room 2717 right now.  Please make sure you add your name, we got some with out a name on them :)   thanks again and Hannah sends love and hugs to everyone!
 a pic from today, kinda dark and is anyone else getting tired of the same blue gown?  :)


Khourt said...

Joan I am so thrilled with the progress that Hannah is making. 11cc may seem so small but in the grand scheme of things its a huge blessing.

I sent Hannah a card the other day. I hope she got it! Ill let the boys send her a card tomorrow if I can remember!!

And the blue gown would get tiring. Our hospital has yellow ones and I get so sick of it.

Colleen said...

I'm so glad she is doing better. Whew! She has been through so much this week! We will keep praying for her to improve each day.