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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Days 5 & 6 of the ketogenic diet

Things are about the same, ketones are staying around 80.  That is the low end of where she should be.  Her heart rate is still a little higher when sleeping but neuro said that could be because she is in a fasting state almost dehydrated, so that could be a new normal for her.  It's running right around 100 and usually it's 70's to 80's when sleeping.
  Her eyes are much better with the ointment they are using.  If we go home on them I am asking for drops, the ointment is so messy.
  They said surgery should be coming by to talk to me about a port.  If they can schedule it I would rather stay one more day than have to come back.  We live so far away this will give us extra assurance if her levels are off too much and we need to check her blood.
  Her sodium level was low so they gave her extra and now it's a little higher than usual so they are going to reduce it a little.  They have already cut back on her seizure med, trileptal.  We had talked to neuro and nephrology about getting her off of it since it can cause low sodium levels.
  I think she is doing pretty good considering all that is going on.

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