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Monday, December 17, 2012

Dial Holiday Foaming Hand Wash

Dial provided  a free sample of their Holiday Foaming Hand Soap for this post.  My participation is voluntary and my opinions, as always are my own.
 What fun decorations on the bottles.  I got one with a snowman on it and looks really looks cute in my bathroom with the snowmen decorations I have.  The other one is candy cane, I have that one in my kitchen.  Both really look nice and bright for the holidays.  I love the foaming hand soap it saves me a lot of money.  the soap inside is red so it is very festive.  I haven't found  a refill in that color for it yet.  I will leave these out all winter since they aren't just Christmas patterns.  I love using cute soap bottles too and these are not expensive at all.  The formula kills 99.99% of germs  which is very important to me.  I have a daughter who is medically very complex and is very susceptable to germs.
  You can find info about the hand soaps on the  Dial website.  Or you can find them on   Dial, Healthier Skin, Healthier You!
My kit still in the box

A close up of the bottles

The snowman in my bathroom

The candy cane in the kitchen

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