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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day 8 of the Ketogenic Diet

Hannah had her port placement this morning.  They called really fast to take her so I didn't have warning...later the surgeon said he moved his schedule around so he could get it done quicker.   She did much better than he thought she would.  i found out this morning because of her bleeding disorder (von willebrands)  she had to have the factor of it before surgery and 3 days we will be her til friday.  but that is kind of a mute point right now, she is not in metabolic acidosis, it is metabolic alkalosis.  So they have are reducing her sodium and stopping her sodium bicarb.  They need to watch that now, in the past without the sodium bicarb she has gone into metabolic acidosis :)
  Her blood pressure has been up since surgery so she seems like she is in some pain.  they gave her some  morphine to see if that would help.  She has been asleep since I got back from dinner. Normally when she has surgery she is already on pain meds, but this was quicker than the rest.
  Thanks for your continued prayers

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