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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas, ketogenic Diet...

We had a nice quiet Christmas at home.  We normally go to my mom's house on Christmas day but she is visiting my sister Mary and her family in VA.  We didn't do anything and ate when we felt like it, didn't even really cook.  It has been a long time since we did that.  Becky brought the kids over to get their gifts and stayed just a little while.  We did the big Christmas Eve dinner with Chuck's family here so we wouldn't have to take Hannah out and get her back in time to do her meds etc.  Our grandbabies had  a lot of fun opening presents.  Thanks to the hospital and RMH while we were there I got a lot of their gifts there.
  Hannah has a UTI so we had to start her on bactrim.  She had ecoli in her urine and it was only sensitive to bactrim.  But, it is low on the ketogenic list so her ketones have dropped a lot.  She finishes it on friday so I hope the ketones go back up then.  She had 5 seizures in a 12 hour period for the nurse on Saturday night.
  I did talk to the NP from neuro Monday and she said that they saw 12 seizures on the 48 hour eeg and from her description, they are her usual seizures.  I didn't see her have that many so some of them must have been subtle.  Thankfully she isn't having as many seizures as I thought, but that is more of those than I realized.
  Hannah has also been constipated really bad and finally had some bm yesterday.  But we can still feel some in her belly, so please pray she can get rid of that herself without being impacted.
Hannah at church Sunday, tried to get a pic of the lace on her shirt but she kept putting  her hands in the way

Hannah with her tie dye peace pillow pet and giraffe she got for Christmas (things I picked out at the hospital.
  Other than those things she has been her usual complicated self...she writes her own rules and doesn't like to follow anyone else's rules  :)

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