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Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 4 of the ketogenic diet

So, this morning still not many ketones but this afternoon her level had finally gone up to 40!!  The nutritionist said she was ready to celebrate!  they are giving all her formula in 4 feedings and just giving her water overnight and it seems to keep her in a better fasting mode.  So now we watch her this weekend and may not go home until monday but at least not til Sunday.
  She might have a bug of some sort.  Over the weekend she had a lot of secretions and drainage from her eyes.  we assumed it was allergies, no fever or anything but when we got here on Tuesday, it was better. Allergy said it shouldn't be her allergies right now but they did put her on claritin.  Now she has some nasty looking secretions from her trach and green drainage from her eyes (they started eye drops yesterday) and now some diarhea but that could just be from her meds.  So we are just waiting to see how she does.
  we really want her to get a port for access for bloodwork but they wanted to make sure her sodium levels were ok.  I told them I would rather stay an extra day to get that done than have to come back again and get her exposed to more germs.  At least here she is on contact precautions for her MRSA.

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