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Monday, January 30, 2012

Bloodwork results

Christmas 2011 our 3 daughters and 3 grandbabies
I talked to endo last week and she said all of Hannah's pituitary hormones, growth, female, cortisol, puberty and diabetes are all within the normal range.  So she was cleared for surgery then.  I let the urology nurse know and she said she would talk to the dr.  So I called again on friday and they said they were waiting for the nurse to talk to the dr, later she emailed me to say he wanted a letter from the endo clearing her for surgery,.  So, I called endo and they said they would take care of it..I just keep wondering why the dr didn't just call the other one himself, they are both at the same hospital :(  she did say they were already scheduling into march so no quick dates like I wanted.  So, now we are back in a waiting gets very frustrating!  Please pray they can get this all straightened out quickly and get it scheduled.  And pray that medical assistance will approve the two days bowel prep in the hospital.
  We also bought a much needed new(to us) van a couple months ago, and it needs a lift in it.  We decided not to move the old one into the new van, it has been moved too many times.  We have applied for some grants for financing but haven't heard anything from them yet.  We really need to get the new one on the road, we have been having a lot of trouble with the old van lately.  Please pray we can get funding for the new lift, I would really like to start driving the new one :)
 A friend of ours said yesterday that nothing ever goes easy for us and he is right :(

  Thanks so much for all the continued prayers for us

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