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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Surgery postponed

 We saw the endocrinologist on friday.  She said that she was going to make our life a little more complicated :(   she did but I really liked her.  Hannah has an underactive thryoid so she put her on synthroid.  And then she told me that she has a problem with her pituitary gland having low levels.  They are concerned about her cortisol levels.  I am taking her for bloodwork first thing Monday morning, it has to be done at 8am.  Endo and urology decided there was too much risk for her to have surgery not sure of the cortisol level, it could cause a lot of problems, it could have contributed to her kidney failure during her spinal fusion but there is no way to know.  So we are postponing it.  That will give them more time to pre auth the two days of bowel prep in hospital, they are not comfortable letting us do any of it at home with her history of low sodium, calcium, etc.
  We saw rheumatology too.  They examined her very thoroughly and didn't find anything to support the high levels of rheumatoid factor, they said it 's not unusual for a girl her age to have those levels.  So, thankfully we don't have to add them to our specialist list.  They were the 5th new specialist we have seen since her spinal fusion :( 

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