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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hannah is sick and new surgery date

Hannah is sick again, this time worse than last month, actually I don't think she completely got over it last time.  She had a temp almost 102, heart rate and respirations were up and O2 was lower than normal.  I called pulmonology on thurs and since she already had an appt with him friday, they decided that was best  ( I had wanted to cancel the appt, we had our first bunco game last night and didn't want to be out all day and night )   The dr was going to look at her new trach anyway, it's a new custom trach and he wanted to see how it looked, while in there he showed me how red and inflamed her airway was, he said it was tracheitis.  He put her on cipro, nebulized tob (antibiotic), 3 days of prednisone and extra xopenex.  She is going to stay on the extra xopenex and tobi til her surgery (March 5)    She is slowly getting better, we almost had to use O2 on her but she got better.  She hasn't been sick like this in years, she rarely gets sick and hasn't used O2 in a long time either.  Dr C and the respiratory therapist both said this year has been really bad for even normally healthy people getting really sick .  We need to pray that she gets over this quickly, she has a neurology appt on the 21st and I want to see if we can do pre op on that day too, but she needs to be healthy!   they finally called on wed with the date of march 5, being admitted on saturday the 3 for 2 days of bowel prep.  In Jan Medical Assistance would only approve 1 day in the hospital for the bowel prep but with all of Hannah's labs like sodium etc being whacky they really need to observe her while going through it.  Please pray that they will approve the two days in the hospital.
 Thanks again for the continued prayers for us and Hannah!

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