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Friday, January 28, 2011

Hannah nephrology appt 1/25

I took Hannah back to the nephrologist on tues. at 10 am.  this time it was a  different dr and I really liked him.  they saw us first and we discussed everything and then they sent us to hematology to get bloodwork done since the hematologist wanted some blood too...they can draw it from the central line...they needed so much blood, the nurse joked that she was a vampire for the day :)  they told us to go back in  1 1/2 hours to check the results...we did some visiting, ate lunch and went back, blood was still "cooking" we waited and went back again...still nothing...finally they got the results...and were a little dissapointed..her creatinine was up to 1.5...when we left the hsopital it was 1.3  and two weeks ago it was 1.0.  they couldn't figure out why!  Her potasioum was a little high o they stopped that for now.  Her hemoglobin was up to 11 so we gave her the last does of epigen/procrit today (hopefully).  On the way home they called and said her calcium was high now too so stop one of her calcium supplements and hopefully that is why the creatinine was high.  but in case they are missing something, I have to take her back next week to have a renal ultrasound and more bloodwork done.  We finally left the hospital around 2:45 :(  so much for going out to lunch and shopping...I just felt bad for my mom, becky and logan because they had gone with us...and if I knew we were going to be that long waiting, I would have visited a few more friends!
 We are going back on thurs, this time...tuesday while the nurse is here with Hannah I am going to help becky take taylor and logan to the dr for check ups...
   Our nursing is having a few bumps. the sunday night nurse is not back so they are having a couple different nurses work. and tuesdays are confusing right now too...
  Hannah seems to be back to her baseline but she is having a few episodes of things that  I think are seizures but hard to get a diagnosis from the dr since she doesnt do it for them  LOL
And the good news is  her wheelchair was finally approved and has been ordered!  Yeah! she was measured for it in June and was put into MA in august!

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