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Friday, January 14, 2011

Logan Bruce 1/12/11

Logan was born wed Jan 12.   6lb 14.8 oz  19" long   He was a planned c sect but when becky got to the hospital she was already 6cm dilated..she knew she was in labor but not that far, she had already had an epidural with taylor when she was 5!  surgery went good but they noticed Logan was having trouble breathing.  They put him on oxygen and from a chest xray found that he had a pneumothorax.  That is air trapped outside the lung that causes the lung to collapse.  Becky only got a glimpse of him as they took him away.  It was a 15% blockage.  they kept him in the nursery on O2 and we could only look at him and touch him, couldn't pick him up :(  thursday they were able to turn his O2 down and the xray showed it had resolved some.  by that evening he was off the O2 and becky was able to have him in her room and nurse him.  The nurses all remarked about how laid back is is...becky said he likes to cuddle and nurse, totally different than Taylor, she has always been afraid to miss something  LOL  I didn't get to go see him today so I haven't been able to hold him yet, hopefully tomorrow!  they are supposed to come home then.  Taylor got to see him but got mad when she couldn't touch him. 

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