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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Glad to be home...

                                                                waiting to go home
                                                    finally in the van
We got home about 6:30 Wed night.  we were hoping to get home sooner but little things kept popping up at the hospital.
We were waiting for the elevator when the social worker and nurse caught us...they gave us a scrip for heparin for the central line and told us to take it down to the there and they don't take out of state MA so back upstairs we went.  After waiting for social work a nurse handed a bunch of it to me and said this was  left in your closet. :)  so finally we got to leave.  With a lot of extra meds  etc.  I hadn't realized how many they would send us home with.  In  addition to her regular meds she now gets, calcitrol, iron, prevacid, calcium carbonate, culturelle, folic acid, one dose of levaquin, epigen IV and flushing her central line daily.  I had to give her one epigen shot but they prefer the IV so a  nurse will start coming tomorrow.  the heparin came from the infusion company thurs but the saline flushes and epigen didn't come yet...pray it comes before the nurse comes tomorrow.
  Hannah is doing better.  Saw her pediatrician on friday, they were all excited to  see her. they had been following her progress on fb. One of my daughter Jenn's fb friends works in the drs office.
  She is having a little edema on her left foot, watching that, her last dose of lasix was before we left the hospital.  She was running a temp to but that is gone, thankfully.  She is anemic (for the first time) and really looks pale.  Seizures are better.  She is sleeping good.  We did get to go back to Church today and it felt really good to be lots of good hugs.  We missed everyone.
  I am still trying to get everything put away from the hospital and hopefully I will get to clean tomorrow...thankful that chuck wasn't here much and the mess he made he cleaned up.  Today it felt more like our old routine.
                                                            asleep in her own bed

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