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Friday, January 14, 2011

Hannah's appts with neuro, ortho and nephrology tues 1/11/11

We had a long day tues.   Neurology was quick, no changes.
  then we saw ortho for her post op appt.  They said her incision looks really good.  She still cringes a little when I move her but he said that is normal 6 weeks post op, we would still be in bed!  I mentioned how her right knee keeps going out to the side, it seems to be doing it a lot more lately.  Her hips and knees are constantly popping out of their sockets.  She is missing the ACL in both knees and something else but I can't remember.  We go back in two months
  the last appt was with nephrology and that took forever because they couldn't find where her bloodwork results were.  The nurse finally tracked them down.  They were done 1 week after discharge.  Most of it looked good, her BUN was 41 at the hospital and had gone down to 11.  Her creatinine went from 1.3 to 1 but he would like that a little lower.  Her hemoglobin was 7.7 but only went up to 9 so they want us to keep doing all the  extra meds for right now.  I have to take her back in two weeks. The nurse drew more blood today.
 While we were there we got to see a couple friends who had kids inpatient.  We saw a few people from the r mcd house and got to visit the rehab floor she was on.  When we went through the door, the social worker and a couple people were there, they said, I hope you are just visiting  :)  It was good see them for only a few minutes.

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