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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hannah admitted to the hospital!

Thursday Hannah had her appts at dupont.  We had bloodwork drawn, a renal ultrasound and waited to see the kidney first clue there was a problem should have been when the dr came in before the nurse did!  Her creatinine had gone up to 2.5 (was 1.5 last week, the level before was 1.0)  Her calcium levels had also gone way up..the dr said it's kind of like the chicken/egg..which comes first?  is the creatinine making the calcium go up or the calcium making the creatinine go up?  So he shocked me when he said she was being admitted,. she has been doing really good otherwise and I had just realized that she had been home over a month!  So we had to sit in the room in clinic and wait for a room to open upstairs..we finally got up here  about 4 and had to get her settled.  the ronald mcdonald house was full so they got me a room upstairs off the ronald mcdonald family room, they have 3 small rooms there.  I had to pick the key up between 5 and 7..finally was able to leave hannah and go home around 5:30, got in the car and out of the parking lot and forgot to get the key , so I had to come back, go the 3rd floor and get the key.  I had to run home, wait for my prescriptions at the drugstore, get some things packed and get back up here...finally got back at 11pm and had to help the nurse finish getting her info in the data base, finally got to go to sleep and couldn't  LOL
  they stopped her feedings and have been giving her IV fluids (changed so many times yesterday, the nurse said she got every flavor  LOL)  The levels are slowly going down but they still can't figure out why the calcium is so high...they are checking her para thyroid and something  with her bones to see if the calcium is from her bones...haven't seen anyone today, it is saturday in the hospital :(   I am still not sure what is going on and how long we will be here.  I was getting tired of coming up here for appts every week and told the nurse wed night, I hoped when we got here the levels were going to be really good and we could take out the central line and not come back next week!  HAH, didn't know we would have to stay, but I won't have to bring her back this week for an appt!  LOL
 will let you know more when I find out.

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