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Sunday, February 6, 2011

sunday 2/6

Hannah's calcium went down and then back up again..they gave her lots of fluids to flush it out and keep changing her IV fluids and  still no formula yet.   Her creatinine has come down a little and now her potassium is low  so they are giving her some potassium...her calcium is high again so they are adding calcitonin now, that is a shot.  They are doing an EKG to get a baseline before they have her the potassium.  They still can't figure out why this is happening except to say that her kidneys are never going to be "normal" again.  They told us that when we left the hospital in dec.  She spiked a temp last night and it showed the same bacteria growing in her urine from before..they checked to see if it was colonized and it's not so she is on IV antibiotics for that.  They are consulting with infectious disease to see what oral antibiotic to use. 
  She has slept all day long and wouldn't even wake up when we moved her.  She was in such a deep sleep that she never wet her diaper, makes for a long time cathing her  LOL
  She is still having more seizures so I asked to see neuro tomorrow..we are hoping that is from her electrolytes being off so much.  So, now we are not sure what is going on or how long we will be here :(


Colleen said...

Get better soon Hannah!!

Anonymous said...

I am thinking of you all and hope you get better soon Hannah!
Sheila Davis