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Monday, July 18, 2011

Hannah's sweet 16 party and pics

Wow, we are so overwhelmed with all the people that came to Hannah's party on saturday...she was given so many cards, gifts, money and gift cards and she didn't need any of it...we will probably use it to make some needed modifications to our hallway from her room to the bathroom!
  Our friend Patti flew in from S Carolina on wed.  She was Hannah's nurse until she moved away a couple years ago.  She did everything including all the food, a cake, decorated cookies for everyone to take home.  I couldn't have done any of it without her! 
  there is a great organization called Icing Smiles Inc  that gets bakers to make cakes for kids who are frequently hospitalized.  They found a wonderful lady in Newport News VA to make Hannah's cake, she drove over 4 hours one way to bring it to us
The cake was beautiful and we so much appreciated all that Schonna did to get it here.

  there must have been at least 80-90 people there!  I have a lot of pics on my facebook page, see if this link works  I will add a few here  but there are hundreds of great pics and I have almost 90 on facebook
hannah and the Icing smiles cake

Patti and I, thank you so much Patti

both cakes with their matching colors

Hannah and Schonna that made the cake, thanks again!
our family minus our son in laws, again.

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zerry ht said...

Amazing party!! The party cake is just adorable. The girl is looking very pretty. My niece will be turning 16 next week. Planning a surprise birthday party for her. Will book one of amazing Chicago event venues for the party. Want to have grand celebrations.