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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hannah is sweet 16 today!

Hannah 7/95
Hannah 7/11

 Hannah at birth 7/95

Wow, so many emotions are attached to Hannah turning 16yo. I think this bd is hitting me harder than any other.  There are so many things that she should be doing at  16...driving, dating, arguing with us about clothes and boys...she should be thinking about graduation and where she is going to college...but instead Hannah is a 2 mo baby in her development...she is deaf/blind so that limits a lot of what she learns...she has no idea it's her bd and we have no idea what to buy her,  it would be so nice to be able to communicate with her, instead we have to watch her and figure it out...even a baby can let you know with his cry.  She doesn't go to school because she would always be sick...the only place she goes most of the time is Church on Sunday and to the dr. She has to have someone watch her 24/7.  I am sad for the things she can't do and won't do...but I am thankful for everyday we have with her, and am thankful that she is such a fighter and has defied all the odds when she was born...we never thought we would see her turn 16 but that is another milestone passed...and I am thankful for all the people we have met, drs, nurses, therapists and teachers....and so many lives she has touched by just being here...I once said I believe she is here to love and be loved, and that is still true!
  Don't forget her 16th bd party is next saturday the 16th. We never have a party for Hannah after the rough year we have had this was a perfect way to thank everyone for praying for her.  So far I have almost 80 names on the list that are coming..the invite is going to be in the church bulletin tomorrow.  so if I have neglected to invite you please know that you are welcome to come..just let me know early this week.

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