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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hannah, Jonas and Easter card

  I had to laugh, I put in a call to nephrology to ask about bloodwork and to see if they could check with infectious disease (ID) since they hadn't called dr kyle back.  The lady who answered the phone was from ID taking nephrology's calls  LOL   She said she would see what she could do.  They called Dr Kyle back right away.  the dr she talked to said he wasn't familiar with hannah but he said lets do oral vanco and flagyl together and then alinia again and then if that didn't work they would put someone else's bm through her gtube to colonize it, sounded pretty gross to both dr K and I...later she called back and said another ID dr called that knew Hannah and suggested doing the oral vanc for 6 weeks and starting the flagyl at the same time.  So that is what we are going to do now.  ID said 6 weeks should get rid of it,, Dr K told her you don't know Hannah :)
  My 5mo grandson Jonas has bad reflux and eczema.  A few weeks ago he went to an allergist and they said he was allergic to egg whites.  Then Jenn took him to a dermatologist and told him about mucous in his poopy diapers, he immediately knew why!  He has allergic colitis, he is allergic to the proteins found in cows milk, soy milk and breast milk!  they did an upper GI on him this week and everything looked good on that.  So now he is on a special formula, pray that works for him.

I made a cute Easter card on jib jab with hannah, my grandbabies, taylor, logan and jonas and my great nephew Landon...
Easter card
 will post more pics after Easter

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