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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hannah i still positive for the c diff, the drs office called this morning and it wasnt  a surprise to me :)  she started a 6 week course of oral vancomycin and 10 days on flagyl on thurs.  Hoping this is going to be what gets rid of it.
  She has been having more seizures lately so neurology increased her phenobarb a little on wed.  It does't seem to be helping at all yet.  We had a new nurse last night and Hannah broke her in good, she had 13 sz for her and didn't pee on her own so she cathed her for over 300!  she said at least she kept her busy!
  I added some Easter pics of Hannah.  I love her new dress and couldn't resist the shoes, I didn't buy them for Easter but they really did look cute with the dress!
 Jenn and Jonas are coming tonight to stay with us a couple days while Bob is in san diego.  We can't wait to see them and I will get some new grandbaby pics tomorrow!  All 3 babies will be here for lunch after Church!  chuck and I are excited because we got the spare room cleaned out (almost) and bought a bed so they can sleep there now!  we got rid of a lot of baby toys and equipment, took it to the consignment shop!  Kinda wish i had taken a pic of it before we cleaned it out but believe me it was a wall to wall junk room!  LOL
  On the way home from my mom's house on Easter there was a beautiful rainbow.

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