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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hannah update and me going to FL!!!

Hannah has been doing pretty good lately except for her seizures…for the last couple days she has been coughing a lot more than usual though…I just checked and her temp is 99, and her secretions are a little thicker…normally I wouldn't be worried but I am leaving in the morning to fly to FL to take my mom to visit my sister….hannah's nurse is going to be here with her during the day, thank you patti! So, please pray that she isn't getting sick right now and for us to not worry :) I know she is in good hands but you know how that mommy feeling is…chuck will be alone with her a lot tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon and he doesn't take care of her very often without me. I will be home late Friday night.
A new concern is dental…MD medical assistance has changed their dental program and it looks like dupont is not accepting it now. I think it's important for her to have her dental work done there since that is where all her other drs are and if they need to pull teeth they can do it there. She has an appt on the 19th so pray that we can find a way to have her appt there.
Our nursing is better right now but our newest nurse is working the extra hours that we have and I am not sure she wants to do all of that permanently so please pray they can find a permanent replacement…thanks

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Colleen said...

I will continue to pray for your nursing situation and that Hannah is not coming down with something. Enjoy your trip to Florida!