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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

back from FL and Hannah's week

I had a great time in FL...I didn't do anything! I tried to sleep late, took a couple naps, read, played on the was with me and we didn't keep a car except for sister pam was taking us out shopping and to dinner after work and thurs we went to the movies to see "the proposal" It was hilarious...the last movie I saw in a theater was the little mermaid, when becky and jenn were little (they are 26 & 28 now) I went for a walk on the beach with blue pam on monday and we looked for sea turtles. We saw lots of nests and a couple egg shells from where predators had attacked the nests...that was sad. I thought is was interesting to learn about them...I brought taylor back a shirt with a pic of the turtles and the shells. There were some nests that should be hatching soon. The lady there told me that we should have a lot of them here in MD...we don't get to go to the beach very often but next time I will look for them...I didn't go out in the sun, I am too "white" for the FL sun...we did go to the pool a couple times, in the late evening or early morning.
The whole point was for me to relax and pam and blue pam made sure that I did. blue pam gave up her bed for me. I did miss my family and it felt good to be home..can't be in 2 places at once :(
Hannah still seems to be fighting something, her secretions are still thick and a lot of them. Her temp goes up and down...I got home late friday night and sat I could tell that I was picking her up back started aching again and all the old aches and pains came right back. I have fibromyalgia and some arthritis so having to deal with hannah and taylor takes a lot out of me.
Hannah's seizures are about the same. She hasn't been sleeping hardly at all the last 2 days but it looks like she is finally asleep now, at 5:30 in the afternoon :)
I am really frustrated about her dental...medical assistance changed their program for dental and now we can't take her to dupont where we do all of her other drs and services. I have called them and MA but no one can tell me anything. If we go out of pocket, it's $230! We can't afford that. I can't imagine taking her to a local dentist with all of her dental problems...she has a partially repaired cleft lip and palate and teeth coming in the wrong places. If she needs any kind of dental surgery and we go locally, I don't know how that would get done. Now, even her plastic surgeon is connected to dupont...please pray for that.
Taylor has decided today that walking just might be easier than crawling...she has been walking a lot more today. She will be 1yo on sept 1. She was born on labor day last year!
Gotta go, we have our LIFE cell group meeting here tonight...

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