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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hannah Grace One Of A Kind

I started a facebook page for Hannah, it is so much easier to update facebook than this blog , sorry for the lack of updates :( 
This hair bow was the inspiration for the fb page name
Hannah on Super Bowl Sunday in her Raven's gear!
You can like her page and follow her there even if you aren't friends with me, my sister Mary said good now I don't have to be friends with you anymore  LOL  she is crazy, but I love her :)
 We did get the results of Hannah's holter monitor.  They had told us she had a grade 1 AVB heartblock and that is something normal healthy people have but in the 30 days, they saw a few episodes of a grade 2 AVB heartblock.  They want to do a 24 hour inpatient holter monitor about every 6 months or so to make sure it doesn't progress too fast.  If it happens too often they would have to put a pacemaker in but that is years away.  I am so thankful now that we had to take her to the hospital that day, otherwise we wouldn't know anything about that!

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