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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hannah 48 hour EEG...grandbabies and more

Isn't that an exciting title?  We are really looking forward to it....NOT!  :)  The EEG starts on tuesday morning through thursday morning.  thankfully chuck is going with me so I can sleep.  He will do most of the night shift since she appears to have less seizures during that time.  We are at the point where we don't know what is a sz and what is not.  I would like to think that it's more likely not sz we are seeing but sometimes I think she almost has continuous ones...hopefully it's not!  the paperwork says when we think we see a sz we have to take her blankets and socks off and say what she is doing.   I think we are going to be worn out by the time it is over...chuck got invited to go to a Raven's game thursday night after it's over, I am glad he gets to do something fun, it's been years since he has gone to a Raven's game.
  In November Hannah is starting the ketogenic diet.  She will be in the hospital for 5 days while they start it and fine tune it.  Hopefully it will stop some of her seizures and/or allow us to take her off some of her seizure meds.  She is still on 5 sz meds right now and that is too many!
  We had a pretty quiet summer, didn't go out much and didn't go to dupont all summer but now we are making up for it.
Hannah's shirt says Attitude is everything!

 We celebrated Taylor's 4th birthday on labor day weekend...she was actually born on labor day, we had joked about being in labor on labor day and she really was (5 days early).  got to see all 3 of my grandbabies that weekend...they are getting so big.

not sure of taylor's expression

Logan, Tyalor and Jonas


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