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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Exerbeat - fun exercises

Our daughter Becky has lost a lot of weight and gotten in shape (we are proud of her)  She told me about an exercise game for the wii that she uses...I got it last week and love it.  I can already feel the difference it has made in my muscles..and have lost 4 lbs!  It's fun and easy to do..
ExerBeat  Got it on Amazon, couldn't find it in the store.



Jaime Maraia said...

I am always looking for something fun and different to do. Working out is not something that comes naturally to me the way that sitting around and watching a movie does... LOL!!! This sounds right up my alley. My wii is currently being used as a conduit for Netflix, so Jake will be happy if I dust off the balance board and use it to get in shape! ;)
xo Jaime

joan's blessings said...

cool, it's a lot of fun