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Monday, November 15, 2010

Hannah appts

Last  Friday we saw the pulmonologist.  He said he is on call the week of her surgery and to call him if anything is going on so he can admit her a day early if he needs too..good to know,  he also suggested increasing her VEST treatments to 3-4 times a day (he called it voodoo  LOL)
  I got to meet our fb friend Zeke and his mom Lori.  He was at dupont to be evaluated for surgery.  His condition is life threatening and worse than they thought.  Please pray they can get him in sooner for the surgery.  I didn't get pics of him and Hannah, he was still in the PICU :(  maybe when he comes for surgery I can get pics.  He is such a cutie!
  the bad part of the day was my van overheating.  It started getting cold about 1/2 hour after leaving home, chuck said I probably needed antifreeze.  I called my mom since I was on the way to pick her up and she had some antifreeze,  I put it in a just kinda watched the gauges but it seemed ok.  About 10 minutes after dropping mom back home, the check gauges light came on and I was overheating!  I had just looked at mom's and it seemed ok.  I called my brother david and he came and brought me water to put in it.  I made it home ok but it started getting cold again a couple blocks away.  Saturday chuck found a cracked hose and replaced it.  Sunday morning, it had leaked all over the driveway.   Todd, came over and looked at it after Church and something just needed to be tightened, so far today it's ok.  they do still need to replace the hoses but this should be ok since I have to take her back to dupont for her pre surgery work up on thurs!  She is also going to be measured for a mini button instead of the mic-key she is using now(that's her gtube, how she gets fed).
  It's getting to be really hectic, I can't believe her surgery is two weeks from today!  I am having a small baby shower for becky on saturday.  Pray that I can get everything done, I am having some problems with a crown on a back tooth and am hoping to get into the dentist on wed while chuck is here working and can keep an eye on Hannah.

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