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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Becky's baby shower & Thanksgiving

Last Saturday, 11/20 I had a small baby shower for becky, she is going to have her second baby on 1/12/11.  this is going to be a little boy they are naming Logan.  Taylor is their oldest and she turned 2yo on 9/1.  There weren't many people here, family and one of her friends, thanks melissa for taking the pics.  I didn't have time to plan a big one with Hannah's surgery coming up and not knowing for sure when Jonas was going to be born.  It was a nice shower.
 Looking forward to my 3grandchild being born, I love being a grami.  It melts my heart when taylor says I love you grami!
  Jenn, Bob and Jonas came late Sunday night and didn't go home til today, I miss them already, we don't see them enough.  Jonas turned 3 weeks old yesterday and is so cute.  Taylor was really cute with him and calls him baby Jonas.  We were able to spend a lot of time this week with our girls, love that!  Both our girls families were here for dinner last night.
  We got to visit with chuck's parents on wed night, they loved meeting Jonas for the first time.  Thanksgiving day we ate at my mom's.  She is going to my nephew's wedding in FL on 12/12 and is going to stay through New Years.  we ate a little with J & b before they had to leave and then finished eating with my oldest brother Garry, his wife Pam and his ambulance partner.  It was a nice quiet day.  I haven't wanted to take Hannah a lot of places this week to keep her healthy for her surgery on monday!
  We decided to out our Christmas tree up last Sunday since this week would be too busy to do it,  I love having the decorations up early anyway.  The only problem was taylor was over a couple times and is obsessed  with undecorating everything  LOL

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