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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hannah update

Hannah is still having tons of secretions, very thick almost plugging her trach..thankfully she still has a pretty good cough. For the last week she has been having more seizures than normal. :(
thursday we are going to dupont, she has an appt with GI for followup. And then we are seeing a hospitalist (for the first time) about her upcoming surgery. I just realized it's only a little over a month away now!
Jenn and Bob's baby is due in two weeks! so please pray that when she calls, the extra nursing (respite) will fall in place for us to be able to go!
thanks for the continued prayers for us!

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QueenB said...

Hi Joan- I just read Hannah's story. I will keep her in my prayers. She's lucky she has such a loving family caring for her!!

Thanks, too, for stopping by and joining Read my Feed Weekends. I'm reading you on my google feed now