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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hannah hematology appt

Hannah has an appt with hematology wed,  I hate appts that are late in the day, this one is at 1pm :(   gets us home really late and into rush hour traffic.   Years ago she was diagnosed with von Willebrand disease, she has a  mild case. The last time she had surgery (years ago)  they used the DDAP before.  The next day after surgery she had a major seizure that couldn't be stopped with anything...they finally found that her sodium levels were very low and when they gave a major dose of saline, it stopped.    What impresses me is that it was picked up when her pre surgery  things we being set up.  It shows me they are on the ball about things. So she is having bloodwork done and then we meet with a hematologist to discuss it.  I am glad about it since her dr is concerned about her bleeding out since she is so small. 

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Jenn said...

Glad they are being thorough. Am praying for you guys and Hannah. Miss you guys!