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Monday, March 16, 2009

Hannah update

so, as usual, they were not able to find a nurse for friday night...I did enjoy my day at Jordan Essentials though...3 hours there and back for a 2 hour meeting...thanfully, tamera drove :)
wed night we don't have a nurse so far, our usual nurse wants her bd off....not sure why she can't work since she only works 2 days a week please pray that someone will be able to work...this is getting real old...and in the middle of the week is really bad :(
continue to pray for sean, her nurse...he has tuberculin meningitis and is still in ICU.
Hannah has been having more seizures lately, and some of them are a little different...
I have to take both girls to hannah's Medical
assistance review tomorrow (by myself) and 2 appts for me on wed and I may have to take both girls to everything...please pray for me :)
thanks for your continued prayers for hannah.

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