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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

family updates

Hannah is still having more intense day this week she had one that lasted 2 minutes! Normally her seizures have been from 5-70 seconds.
Taylor has been sick with a cold so I have been really washing my hands a lot between the girls. Taylor is still running a slight temp and lots of secretions but now Hannah has a cough and more sceretions and a slight temp...pray that neither one of them gets worse.
BTW, please continue to pray for hannah's nurse Sean, he has been very sick for a couple weeks and the last I heard he was still in the ICU. He is our fill in nurse and also works every other Friday night..I just found out that he has spinal meningitis.
jenn & bob will be here later will be nice to have them home for a couple days..I really miss them but know that they are following the Lords will where they are.
taylor is now an "independent" sitter...she can move around a lot while sitting and just loves to play with toys...she laughs and smiles a lot at things....even my singing she smiles at :)
we started having LIFE cells from our church a couple weeks ago..we are having it here since it's hard for us to get out with Hannah. This way we don't have to rush and if the nurse calls out, we are right here. we have a great group and I am geting to know a few people a lot better than before...I only get to church on sunday mornings...I can't got to sunday school, sunday nights or wed nights, so this is really helping me get "connected" with other Christians.

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