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Sunday, November 16, 2008

more new pics

I just realized it's a Sunday again...guess that is when I am updating :) I do have some new pics of taylor ...figured I better put them on here before melissa gets upset LOL
I had to take Hannah to get her flu shot last week and while we were there she got a meningitis shot and a chicken pox booster since she had chicken pox before she was 1 yo. She would normally get the gardasil vaccine but the dr laughed and said "nuns don't get cervical cancer" we all laughed :) guess Hannah could be compared to a nun :) She got weighed and is staying the same 34lb 8oz. Weighed Taylor while we were there and she was 10lb 11oz...she went from the 19th percentile to the 35%...we had noticed the chubby legs and dimpled knees.
one pic is the "girls" with Hannah's nurse and our friend patti taylor...taylor and mommy at a baby shower, looks like she was waving...daddy and taylor are supporting their team, the steelers...the rest of us are ravens fans...

taylor just looks so cuddly in her hat and car seat...she is laughing and talking a lot more now...little miss princess. I am having fun with her but mommy still doesn't like leaving mom has been coming and helping me some once in a while...

jenn & bob got a new puppy, he is a terrior with a white "W" on his chest so they named him whitaker and call him whit ( like adventures in oddysey's whits end) I don't have a pic of him yet. they aren't going to get home for Thanksgiving but will for Christmas...just found out that my sister Pam will be here for Thanksgiving...yeah, she lives in FL and I don't get to see her enough either.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, a lovely cherished memory for your family. These injections seem to be getting more and more.

Crystal Jigsaw xx