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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Surgery update

Hannah the morning after surgery

Yesterday was Hannah's mitrofanoff surgery.   When we got here on Monday (a planned admission) there were no beds on the floor we usually go to.  We spent most of the day in Day Med so they could get things started (IV, bloodwork, etc)  and finally around 3pm they put her on PICU.  Bowel prep went pretty good, took a long time to get her cleaned out.
 Surgery wasn't until about 2:30.  They expected it to last 4 hours or more.  He was surprised  that it was quicker.  Everything went well, if she didn't have an appendix they were going to use a small piece of her bowel, she did have an appendix.  there was no bleeding, they were concerned since she had a bleeding disorder, they had given her a lot of meds and fresh, frozen plazma before and after.  She also had a lot of urine, that was good after her kidney failure during her last surgery :) She did really well and had a good night. Her nurse was one we had after spinal fusion and she said  Hannah was doing like they expected after surgery, she said that is kind of scary!  we all laughed!
  today she seems to be in a bit more pain. They had to give her some ativan in between her morphone dose.  She is on her home vent settings now and off for a long time.  Her heart rate is up but her O2 level is really good.  she just seems uncomfortable and I don't know if it's pain or some seizures...they are staying on top of it though.
  Will try to update again.  Thanks for the continued prayers.

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