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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mclinky blog hop

It's valentine's day and it's another blog hop from mclinky

we had a nice valentine's day and celebrated my bd which is tomorrow. I am writing this while looking at my new 22" monitor that chuck gave me for my birthday! really nice for these old eyes :)

this week can only get better than last week...with all the snow, we had 3 nights without a nurse for hannah. She started having about 50 seizures a day right in the middle of all the snow..after 2 days we took her to the ER..they admitted her for observation. We found out that her phenobarb level was not at a therapeutic level. They gave her an IV of phenobarb and the seizures eventually slowed down to more like her normal ones. we stayed overnight and came home to no nurse after a screw up at the nursing agency..we were very angry to say the least :( She is better now just really sleepy with all the extra phenobarb!
so, that' why this week can only be better LOL

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Proud Parents of Halainah Grace said...

Happy Birthday. My Birthday is also February 15th! Stopping by from the blog hop and saying prayers for your daughter.
Many Blessings,